Wildlife: All Ages

Following on from TVi artists extensive work with Children's Centres in Leicester, Anna Ryder has developed the MOTHIFY project with former Children's Centre teacher, Sue Hastings.

The project, which focuses on Britain's numerous moth species, has been running since 2014 and had involved over 250 people of all ages from the local community in Leicester and Reading.

The project aims to introduce people to UK moths by holding various 'Moth-Breakfasts' and 'Moth-Parties' throughout the year where moths are attracted to light-traps (without harming them), identified, photographed, recorded, sung about, drawn, talked about and reflected in many ways.

Anna is a moth enthusiastic and has been involved with lepidopterists (moth and butterfly specialists) in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Leicestershire and Alderney, and, through MOTHIFY, has been able to make connections between 'moth-people', the local communities and the arts.

So far, MOTHIFY has run in Stoughton, Leicestershire, Leicester Botanic Gardens and for Woodcraft Folk sessions in the Reading area.

The MOTHIFY blog also contains Anna's other moth findings.