Our approach is informed and inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of child-initiated learning which puts creativity and reflective practice at its heart. We aim to inspire, engage, empower and excite by learning together.


We like to observe and listen to people’s interests and ideas, and to plan together in response. We offer an exciting range of multi-sensory, open-ended, everyday materials, recycled resources and natural or found objects and artefacts and introduce them in unexpected ways to stimulate creative responses through different art-forms.



Practitioner comment:

"Very passionate, variety of ideas and very involved"

You can click on some of the project photos below and see the types of work we have done.

Making outdoor learning creative using spy-holes, door viewers and periscopes at Magpie Pre-school in Leicester.

Large-scale outdoor instrument made for Woodside Primary School

A water-station, along with an array of other outdoor provocations, designed for Magpie Pre-school, Leicester

Click for Travelling Bed Stories, Studley Infant School, Warwickshire

'Paper-Man' sat in a paper-covered room with paper-wrapped instruments... during the What's goNNa haPPen project at Thurnby Lodge Children's Centre, Leicester

Children interacting with Paper-Man...

Travelling by car - StuFF haPPening project at West End Children's Centre

Megaphone voice-changers during Wolvey Village 60 Years of Play community project

Using recycled materials outdoors during Wolvey Village Community Project

Having made cling-film drums we found they were also good for rolling about on and playing at the same time...

Teenager engages with resources at Valley House Children's Centre - The Flat Project


At the Peepul Centre in Leicester - workshop for Early Years practitioners

Using recycled materials to dress up - annA being a chicken

Teacher playing annA's accordion

Blowing bubbles and humming at the same time with 3 year old during stuFF haPPening project at West End Children's Centre, Leicester

Making shadows during Early Years practitioner workshop - Eyres Monsell and Gilmorton Children's Centre, Leicester

Wolvey Village Community Project - movement with the Brownies

A two year old handling stones on a lightbox - Valley House The Flat Project

Cinnabar moth caterpillar found during Forest School workshop at Radford Children's Centre, Coventry

Planting willow with 3 year olds at Moathouse Children's Centre, Coventry

Scientific bubble-making - stuFF haPPening Project West End Children's Centre, Leicester