National Playday event (Leicester)

For the last five years the artists have been commissioned by Leicester City Council to provide play opportunities for their annual, public Playday event held in Leicester Town Hall Square. The numbers attending have increased each year with  around 2000 in 2019. Recycled and natural resources were offered as starter provocations for creative play possibilities such as den-making, construction, placings and more. Children and families engaged well with all the open-ended resources and their play ideas evolved and developed as they explored and experimented together. The space was constantly being transformed as creative ideas were brought to life in many different ways. The resources themselves and how they were offered created interest and aroused curiosity to have a go and explore play possibilities with their own interpretations. The activities involved all ages of children and adults and saw parents, grandparents, friends and new friends playing together. There was a good sense of team-work, co-operation and collaboration with the children and families participating. The high levels of enthusiasm, motivation and engrossment amongst the children, young people and their adults, led to strong ownership of the play and creations. This was shown in the length of involvement. The high numbers involved created a brilliant participatory opportunity - energetic, ‘buzzing’, lively, - a purposeful play atmosphere for all ages.

“Amazing day, good range of activities, very friendly staff, lovely to see my child learning new things. Den building was particularly good. Thank you.” 


“Today has been absolutely fantastic. My boys have thoroughly enjoyed themselves as have I. The day has been so much fun and also educational! Thank you.” 


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