The Cabin and The Flat

These two projects were descendants of Second Skin which was a city-wide project about multi-sensory environments for Early Years children - predominantly 3 and 4 year olds and their teachers.


The project aimed to develop spaces which supported young children learning and involved 11 artists and at first 5 schools but widening out into many other schools and settings in Coventry.


The artists, with backgrounds in different disciplines including dance, music, art, sculpture, theatre and others, built 'The Lab' in an unused space at a primary school and there they offered all sorts of new ideas and provocations to children who visited the space and made their own responses to this environment. The artists then worked with 3 & 4 year olds and their teachers in their own settings along similar lines.


Following on from this big project, artists from TheVERYidea worked with Valley House Children's Centre in Coventry to develop various unused spaces into creative learning environments. These included 'The Flat' and 'The Cabin'. As well as children visiting these spaces, there were teacher/parent/family workshops and all sorts of other visitors including teenagers, practitioners and professionals.




The Flat 
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