Culture Coventry - Community Arts Project, 'Our Place Here'

Matt and Barbara, collaborating with Gemma Foy from 'Let's Animate', were commissioned by Culture Coventry to deliver an arts project aimed at broadening participation and engagement within Coventry’s local community. Stories and artefacts were gathered, to celebrate and share the diverse voices of Coventry. Four community groups were involved - Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre, Ekta Unity, (an Asian Women’s Group),  Gosford Park Children’s Centre and Adult Learners at Cheylesmore Community Centre. Artists' workshops created images and objects that represented local people’s stories, memories and heritage. A range of media was explored including clay, textiles, printing, collage, paint, animation, photography, book-making and 3D. Group members shared their stories and skills through making and often brought in artefacts and objects from home to incorporate in their work. Pop-up exhibitions, entitled 'Materials, Makings and Memories', were held to further share and celebrate the project, along with a display in the Coventry Transport Museum.

Adult Learners' comments:

"I feel proud to be part of this community project and for the public to see how hard I worked."

"I enjoyed the art project cause I learned something new."

Parents' comments:

“We almost get to have more fun than the children, we can play and experiment with the materials as much as them."

... that it was "great to be able to give their children so much freedom”. 

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