Woodside Primary School Building Phases

Some days were spent outside building large outdoor musical structures which would provoke sound exploration.

Children and staff were invited to try out the instruments which were mostly created using recycled material: half-round former fence posts, large plastic pipes and other. The children especially enjoyed the structure built on an old concrete semi-circle which included a water-station, a opti-viewing panel and various sound-making attachments..

Resources made included some portable musical instruments including cling-film drums.

The area to build the xylophones

Wigwam structure

Starting to place the notes

Testing the notes

The 2nd phase of building finished with annA and Matt

Testing from inside

Thwack-o-phone using tubes found at the school

Finished first xylophone with cling-film drums made by parents

Small portable xylophone

Thwack-o-phone and 8-note xylophone

Both wigwam xylos in place

Beaters in stand

Cling-film drum

Cling-film drums

Parents brought plants from home to trap in the cling-film wrapping

Parents made these beaters from thick twigs collected from the school grounds, and elastic bands

Parents making the cling-film drums

Lots of children visited and explored once we'd finished the xylophones

Some children started making their own designs and suggestions for more instruments

A guitar design

Children made outdoor art using materials we offered

This idea was surprising and interesting to the children

We also offered some building materials

Children had a go on annA's accordion

annA led a music-making session

The 2nd phase of building - the aim was to build a structure around this concrete semi-circle

Making the water-station


Children playing the bamboo chimes

Exploring the water-station

Using the 'washer-spinner'

Another larger thwack-o-phone with carpet beaters

A pulley and a speaking tube

This spare perspex made interesting light for the 'stage'

Scaffold-pole chimes

Scaffold-pole chimes and door-viewer panel